Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back To Ramadhan

amadhan is here again and yes, I'm back in business, next to my cousin Syed Nasir, or Chet, who sells his traditional Nasi Arab.

My menu remains the same: Godam (Shepherd's Pie), Black Pepper Beef Curry Puff and Bengkang Susu (Milk Pudding). Despite the price of its ingredients have gone up, I still maintain the same price as ever, which is:
Godam : RM1.50/piece
Black Pepper Curry Puff  : RM0.35/piece or RM1.00/3 pieces
Bengkang Susu : RM0.50/piece

So I don't make much from the sales, but selling and watching how people enjoy the food gives me such satisfaction.

For those who are looking for Chet's Nasi Arab, please be informed that Nasi Arab is RM7.00/set. It's worth it, I must say.

This year, we are located in a slightly different place, about 100 meters before our usual place. We were in 3 different locations for the past 3 days, although being on the same road and withing a 100-meter radius, but it disrupts our customers' routine as they missed the place and had to turn around on a very busy road. Believe it or not, I am doing more of a bootsale, where the food is being sold from the back of my car. Of course, if I get a table, I would have a better display.

As like every year, I am making sure that the taste and quality of the food product is uncompromised. I am just hoping that the customers are fully satified with the food product that I made. My schedule for Ramadhan is busier than ever; a hectic 9am to 1.30pm, finishing all my work at the office, then head home to bake the godam and fry the curry puffs. After Maghrib and breaking of fast, I'll be stirring the Bengkang and bake them, which usually finishes around 10.30pm, if there are no extra orders for the Bengkang. The bengkang is usually refrigerated when it has cooled down. This is because the bengkang is usually enjoyed slightly cold, but not too cold.

By the way, if things go well, next week, I will be selling lasagna as well. One of my neighbors, Chef Jamal has confirmed that he will be making them, but for a limited time. We have not finalized on the price, but it might be around RM5.00. It might sound pricey, but it is bigger than the godam and its ingredients are more expensive, considering the use of beef, pasta, cream and cheese.

Well, if you are looking for Nasi Arab Pak Tuan and some kuih for the breaking of fast, or even for tea (for non-Muslims), head down to Jalan Sultanah (Lebuhraya Sultanah Bahiyah), we are located in front of the car wash, right in front of Sekolah Sultanah Bahiyah and the legendary Mee Abu.


  1. Lazatnya!!!!!!!!!

  2. Then do drop by and taste them yourself.

  3. hi, i'm a journalist with nst. we are featuring feel-good/human interest stories for ramadan. agak2 boleh tak kala saya nak interview pasal your biz nih? rasenye takde org jual "godam" kot in other places in alor setar. ;-) if you're okay, pls let me know.

    rgds, nadia ( /

  4. salams bro.. the bengkang susu sounds sedap. how long does it last? i mean boleh pakai pos laju overnight ke i really wanna try?

  5. @Adimus: Salam, unfortunately, bengkang tu tak tahan lama, especially kalau tak refrigerated. The last time I tried preserving succesfully was by freezing it dalam freezer, then bay-marie dalam oven (letak dalam dulang, cover dengan tin foil, letak dulang dalam dulang lain yang berisi air dan bakar dalam oven). Ada relatives dari kl pernah order, saya hantar kat mereka pagi sebelum mereka bertolak ke kl and they get to eat them in time after buka puasa.