Sunday, August 14, 2011

...And Pasta Is Back!!!

I crossed Baked Macaroni With Cheese from the Ramadhan menu last year as I had to takeover the making of Bengkang Susu from my wife as she became very busy with her daily chores and work, and despite the dish's absence, I find that customers are still asking for it.

This year, one of my neighbors, Chef Jamal wanted to make Lasagna to add to my menu. However, after some delays, we sat down a few nights ago and discussed again and I agreed with him that the cost is a bit too high to sell during Ramadhan. The cost alone is about RM5 per slice, which is understandable with the quality that Chef Jamal insists.

It was a scorching hot and humid day today, but my sister brought me a surprise to be added to my Ramadhan menu: Baked Macaroni with Cheese. As her routine is quite packed with making frozen food that her customers order all along this Ramadhan, she can only make a tray with 15 slices, and I mean 15 slices of baked macaroni with beef bolognaise sauce, topped with creamy cheese sauce.

Heavy rain started around 3.20p.m  in Alor Setar today, and by the time I reached the sales location, it was still drizzling. As the Nasi Arab Pak Tuan tent was full of people and stuff, I decided that if the rain doesn't stop, I will go home. Eventually, even during the drizzle, there was a huge crowd lining up for the Nasi Arab, and one of my aunts wanted some bengkang susu saw the the baked macaroni and wanted some. That was it: while I was slicing and packing the macaroni and bengkang from the car boot, the crowd saw and as a result, the macaroni was sold out in 20 minutes, the other dishes followed suit later.

I'm really glad to have the Baked Macaroni back on the men. I always enjoy my sister's cooking, and I really hope that my customers will be too. My sister told me that she'll try to supply the macaroni dish until the 28th of August.

Baked Macaroni with cheese is at RM2.20/slice.

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