Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Ultime Sloppy Burger in Ampang - Burger Belemoih

I depend a lot on my cousin and my friends when I look for a nice place to eat in Kuala Lumpur. Years of travel has actually taken me off hotel and fancy restaurant food. My cousin, Syed Abdul Rahman Putra, who happens to live very near to my dad's apartment in Setiawangsa seems to find new eateries every time I arrive in KL. We ate at so many places such as Saba (Arabic food), Fareed (Nasi Lemak Royale style in Sungai Buloh, article will be ready soon), Homst, Andullah Chan's to name a few.

Despite the fact that I go to OM Burger Ampang during almost all of my trips to KL, I never really wrote about it, as I find that he is already well known. I found blog after blog that features him. My cousin and I refer his stall as "Burger Belemoih" which is the northern dialect for Sloppy or Messy Burger. I don't think that name is original anyway.

The stall is run by a husband and wife team, always referred to as Pakcik and Makcik by his clients. I am not sure how long he has been in this business, but I'm guessing it has been a long time, judging from his very relaxed pace in preparing the food. He has almost all types of Malaysian-style burgers available: beef, chicken, hot dog, with egg, with cheese or both, the double and double specials. On the nights when we skip dinner, we can always safely bet on the double specials.

People might say that, a burger is just a burger. Om's seems to serve an ultimate to this experience. He is very generous with the sauces, with the bun liberally slabbed with margarine before going onto the griddle, and a rich slap of mayonnaise after that. I usually prefer mine without ketchup and chili sauce and extra mustard for my hot dog. From the taste, I am guessing that grade has something to do with the taste as the burgers and hot-dogs don't really taste exactly like other stalls. He could be using a better grade burger meat and sausages from Ramly (or other manufacturers) for his business.

I must advice here that this is not really the place for healthy food. His slightly indented griddle has grease pooling in it, in which he grills the burger meat, fries the eggs and cheese. For my cousin and me, what matters is that it is delicious, filling and satisfying. I mean, the burger is so sloppy (and big), we had to eat it with fork and spoon.

I can safely say that, should anybody who craves an ultimate burger to satisfy that hunger pang, then Om Burger Ampang is your destination. This Kedahan is impressed. They are open daily from 8pm to 5am and located outside 7-11 outlet in Jalan Kolam Ayer Lama in Ampang.

Here are 2 links if you want more info and pictures on OM Burger in Ampang.

My profound apologies for using pictures from other blogs, something went wrong with the memory card of my camera and I lost all the pictures I took.


  1. fyi..i moved to taman tar in 1987.. dia dah kat situ before nan corner. actual date est unkown. :)

  2. Thanks Adimus, that really adds to the air of mystery about Om Burger Ampang. Nobody around there seems to know how long Pakcik has been there. Then again, his burgers and hot-dogs are incredible, really made my 5-hour drive to KL worthwhile.