Thursday, September 9, 2010

Marking The End of the Ramadhan Chapter

A man with an out-of-the-state accent slammed his car horn and shouted at me as drove into my office compound and parked my car at the second entrance. It seemed that he was trying to park at the gate entrance of my office and was somehow blocked by my car. He would've blocked vehicles from coming in and/or out of the office. I guess that's what hunger does to people, if he is actually fasting, he wouldn't be doing that. Don't you think he might get equally upset if I park my car at the gate entrance of his house? Hunger and going for shopping in the chaotic situation of Alor Setar can really drive people bonkers.

Anyway, I realized that 30 days of fasting really went fast. I stopped my food business on Tuesday, and Chet's Nasi Arab stopped on Wednesday. We had a remarkable time there, tiring but satisfied. Despite cutting out pasta from my menu, we made significantly more from the sales, not to mention from the custom-made shepherd pies and milk puddings which orders I received for the first time ever. As usual, the total from the sales will all go to my son's bank account. Hey. at least one day he can say to his friends, "My dad sells kuih by the roadside every Ramadhan."

As I mentioned before, the crowd has been unusual this, despite the hues and cries of economic downturn.
Both Chet and I, for the first time, had a complete 100% sold-out this year as proof. In fact, the final week saw my stall stormed by customers and fully cleared by around 4:30-4:45pm. Most of that time, I didn't have the chance to put my hat on. This year also sees, for the first time, how this blog generated a few customers for my stall. Also, for the first time, a friend from my MRSM days, Faris, sought me out there as well. Alhamdulillah, there's so much of God's bounty, not just financially.

My kuih is just the side-show, the Nasi Arab is always the main event...and the show-stopper. Here are some pictures that depicts the every Ramadhan day scene at our stalls, mainly, Chet's Nasi Arab stall.

And with that, we would like to wish all:

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri
Maaf Zahir Batin
From: Syed Alfian Barakbah, Sharifah Rafita Shahab and Syed Muhammad Zulkifli

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