Monday, November 23, 2009

Still Waiting


At first, we were told that it's not going to be more than 2 weeks. After the 3rd week, I was informed that it shouldn't take more than a month. After a month, i still find myself in my office downstairs, instead of my room upstairs, using the shared PC while my own PC (complete with much-needed data) is upstairs, locked away.

Yes, my office is being renovated, and building in a safety design. this is because, this year alone, our office was broken in 3 times and computers along with printers were stolen. The perk of having an old PC for my own use is: the thieves never stole it. Stealing PC might hurt our pockets, but the data stored inside, such as database of our property clients, hurts us worse.

The first week, they were putting up new ceilings, my "office" was temporarily located at the car porch...hey, work must go on. That, and despite the fact that the rainy season started.

Three weeks later, as my room is still not ready, I had to relocate to the office lobby. It's not as private as my room but, it's "progress." Cooler, drier but at the same time noisy and dusty.

It's been a month since I updated anything on this blog, despite preparing some excellent recipes and excellent restaurants visited. Now I still have to wait until my room upstairs is fully ready.

Not that I stay in the office that long anyway; the pounding and drilling usually drives me nuts and I usually concentrate on my work outside the office.

I'm hoping that these works will be done soon so that I can start updating my blog.

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